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June 20th, 1791

Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, their two children and Madame Elisabeth secretly fled from the Tuileries in Paris with the intention of going to the stronghold of Montmedy. They did not reach their destination and were captured in the small town of Varennes.

June 20th, 1792

A crowd of hundreds of men and women forcibly entered the Tuileries Palace and filled the apartments of the royal family. The king, and queen with her two children in a separate apartment, were threatened and insulted by the crowds for hours before the people were forced to disperse.

June 20th, 1810

Axel Fersen, who had been falsely accused of poisoning the Crown Prince of Sweden, was attacked by a mob during the prince’s funeral procession. The guards and police riding with the procession did nothing to halt the attack, which grew from insults and rocks to a viscous assault. Fersen was ultimately beaten and stomped to death.

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