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Bewildered by her fate, unable to make the right choices, Marie faces her lethal comeuppance. In soiled chemise and her now-white hair hacked off, she has a final realization. “It’s like some awful dream and it’s never been mine.” She stands on the red carpet, rolled out toward the dark shape of the guillotine. But she gets the final ironic laugh. She will be remembered. The whoosh of the guillotine reverberates. The dark silhouette opens to reveal a dressmaker’s mirror. Her image reflects in triplicate. Whatever else, she’ll always be famous, forever looked at. With fascination, awe and a bit of sadness, we will always stare at Marie Antoinette.
D.L. Groover, in their review for David Adjmi’s Marie Antoinette at the Stages Repertory Theatre

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On October 19th, 1851, Marie Thérèse of France—the only child of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to survive the revolution—died at the age of 72, possibly from pneumonia.

She died only three days after the anniversary of her mother’s execution; in her last hours she was surrounded by her family, religious counsel, and the relics of her parents and aunt Elisabeth; all were executed during her youth.

In her last will and testament she wrote: "I pray God to shower down his blessings upon France—France, that I have never ceased to love even under my bitterest afflictions."

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